Solo Magical Training


Know Yourself and discover your abilities. That is the biggest challenge. The Solo Magical Training helps you in 50 steps. Every lesson is a solid learning module: study, experience, application, and internalization.

Each lesson and every subject is a building block of what will become your Inner Temple: talents unlocked, clear realizations, sharpening your inner senses, and balancing the elements.

It is your personal journey of exploration, with the Kabbalistic Tree as your roadmap and Ina Custers-van Bergen as your guide. With the help of a supervisor you travel the ‚Path of the Snake‘, a journey that asks everything from you: persistence, creativity, and spirituality. And gives back even more: energy, focus, understanding, the power to be and to change.

In October a new group of students will start this online training. In groups we will guide you by written feedback and online video conferences. The Solo Magical Training is designed for an international audience and for this reason the language is ENGLISH. You can read more about this training on my website.

Start: October 19 2016 to February 22 2017
Time: Every fortnight from 9.00 – 10.00 pm CET (Central European Time = Amsterdam)
Location: Skype
Price: € 285,00 for membership of the Temple, book and supervision during one semester.


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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Atlantis – Temple Retreat


The mythical island of Atlantis was described by Plato. Ever since it has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration to artists and it feels like the original paradise to shamans, magicians and priests. Would you want to experience how it is like to practice their temple work, meditate and worship a few days under similar conditions? Then this is your chance to experience this yourself!

  • During this intensive temple retreat you will learn to work with Far Memory. We will – as a group – regress back to the time before the Great Flood. The time when the Temples of Sun, Moon and Stars were up and running. The time when the famous Crystal of Power was radiating its miraculous forces all over the Earth.
  • The time when Gods and Goddesses still walked the Earth. You will experience yourself what it means to become the channel through which a God or Goddess express themselves.
  • The ancient priests were taught Far Sight. You will be learn this skill by means of the Magical Mirror.
  • You will be immersed in an ongoing flow of meditation, magic and ritual.

Above all: Atlantis is that mythical place inside of you, that Inner Paradise that you will learn to find.  Once you are connected to this magical energy it will become a continuous source of inspiration, spirituality and inner power. This will truly be a life-changing experience.


For whom is this retreat?
This workshop is of interest to both beginners and advanced practitioners of applied Hermeticism and Magic. After application you will be given a choice of Godforms. You will connect to that Godform over the weekend. This gives you the opportunity to start to feel the energies and the call on the inner planes previous to the workshop.
(For full members of the temple there is an additional pre-workshop program on Friday evening.)


We have limited places, so don’t hesitate and secure your place by enrolling now:

Date + time: October 29 9.30 am (morning, afternoon and evening) and October 30 until 5 pm.
Price: € 235,00 for retreat plus workbook. Early birds € 15,00 discount. (€ 100,00 non-returnable deposit.)
Application and information:
Location: Kleiweg 14-16, 3051 GR Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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Temple Training – Walking Between the Worlds – Masterclass

walking_between_the_worlds_600People often think that you need to be born as a psychic. They also believe that you have got ‚it‘ that’s the end of the story. Few realize that paranormal abilities can surface through specific training and that psychics can refine their talents and turn them into reliable skills.

Do you want to learn how to do that? Do you want to experience the richness of the Inner Planes? Do you want to feel how to work with paranormal powers: to heal, to fore-see in such a way that the wanted results actually manifest in your life? Do you want to enjoy the art of astral travelling so that you can also far-see? Do you want to communicate with inner guides and listen to their wisdom?

Through the Temple Training ‚Walking between the Worlds‘ you will learn to experience the reality of the paranormal dimensions and will you learn the skills to work with them in a balanced way.

During these five monthly days of Temple Training you will learn:

  • Astral Projection
  • Creating through Imagination.
  • Working with Lucid Dreams.
  • Making use of the Astral Tides.

Everything you will learn will be solidly grounded in the Hermetic Kabbala.

For whom is this training?

These Temple Training days are important for everyone who is hypersensitive, psychic or mediumistic. You will learn to sharpen your inner senses and heighten your paranormal awareness in a balanced way.

You will learn to work with magical energy. You will learn to cooperate with the guides of the Inner Planes.

What level has the training?

These intensive training days are designed for people with a lot of experience with energy work and who want to train their paranormal and mediumistic skills.

Walking Between the Worlds – Masterclass

Price: € 375,00
Dates: September 24, October 15, November 26, December 17 2016 and Januari 21 2017
Door open 9.00, start 9.30 a.m. to + 6.30 p.m.
Enrolling through email:
Location: Kleiweg 14-16, 3051 GR Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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Moon Magic

bookcover_mysteryofthesea_425One of the books that instructed me the most about the Fine Art of Magic was (and still is) Dion Fortune’s Moon Magic. It has been over thirty years ago since I first read it. Every few years I reread it and always find something new in it.

Why is this book so special? I have read miles of books about the theory, the history and the philosophy of Magic. Moon Magic is special because it IS magic. You can feel the energy while reading it. The way it is written takes you right in…to the rituals instead of describing them. It takes you out of rational thinking into the magical mind in an unsurpassed way. It uses the form of a novel to explain the finesses of Magic. Rational books are excellent to sum up the theory, but you can’t use this form to transfer the real atmosphere, the real miracles, the real transformative power of Magic in action.

I practice and teach Magic for almost thirty years now and decided to follow Dion Fortune’s example to combine magical theory and magical practice and write about it in the form of a novel. I am really curious to learn from you how this novel feels for you. I decided to follow the example of the Master and wrote The Mystery of the Sea.

The story is written around a magical ritual that we use within the Temple of Starlight to charge, empower and consecrate a magical ring. The characters are all officers in that ritual. The stories of their life fade into the magical realities that they live on the Inner Planes.

For those who are curious, here is the link.


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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Summer School September – Introduction to Angelic Magic

Introductie_tot_de_Engelen_MagieThe magic of the angels is meant to enhance the quality in your life. Angel magic is an intense, pure spiritual energy. Angels protect you against the storms in life. The angels teach us that we live in a world where light can be found even in the darkest corners. This is the core of all magic, of every miracle that takes place; the revelation of the beauty that is intrinsic in every living being.

The Temple of the Heart

During this training you will learn exercises that bring you in an intimate exchange with the Eternal Beloved, the God-in-you. You learn to know the Archangels, their prayers, exercises, meditations and rituals. You will also learn the fundamental principles to work with their powers, based on the Hermetic Kabbala.

What are you going to learn?

  • You will learn to experience the Archangels as the great energy patterns protecting the Forces of Goodness.
  • You will learn about their places in the ‘Temple of the Heart’.
  • You learn to invoke their forces in the magical circle.
  • You learn to send them messages in a way they are heard, and to understand their answers.
  • You learn the calls to the Archangels for different goals.

For whom is this training?

This training is for people who want to learn to work with Angelic Magic, and who want to deepen their spiritual experience by means of meditation, mystery play and ritual.

Price: € 75,00
Date: 10 September 2016
Time: Door open 9.00, start 9.30 a.m. until approx. 6.30 p.m.
Enroll through email
Address: Kleiweg 14-16, 3051 GR Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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Summer School August – The Temple-made-without-Hands

The  Temple-made-without-Hands


Everyone can learn to trigger mystical experiences. Ritual and mystery play are especially designed to that end.

Do you want to feel how powerful they are? Come and have the experience to become exalted by the fluid energies of procession, invocation and meditation in an environment where the sacred becomes visible by beauty. Hear how Words of Power fill the temple space with their energy.

By building the Temple-made-without-Hands your spiritual exercises will grow in power and that magical space within you, will open up to mystical peak experiences.

During this training you will learn:

  • To work with those deep internal powers called the ‘Elements of the Wise’: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit.
  • How rituals can stimulate your personal development.
  • How rituals open your heart to meaning, beauty and joy.
  • How all this knowledge has its roots in the Hermetic Kabbala.

You learn to create the magical Temple-made-without-Hands. During the rituals we will perform during this day, you will learn how to put the theory into praxis.

For whom is this training?

This temple-training day is of interest for everyone who holds spirituality important and want to develop themselves along these lines. This training will teach you how to raise energy effectively to manifest your spiritual goals.

What level has this training?

This intensive training day is for people who are interested in personal development and meaning. Because of the unique character of the techniques practiced this day is for beginners and advanced spiritual practitioners.

Price: € 75,00
Date: August 28 2016
Time: From 9.30 a.m. to approx. 6.30 p.m.
Address: Kleiweg 14-16, 3051 GR Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


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Summer school – Fundaments in Magic

In my previous newsletter I told you about this summer’s Summer School program that I have developed. These are single events that can also be visited by small groups of people. This is one of these events, which I regards as one of the building blocks of the Western Mystery Tradition:

Summer school


Fundaments in Magic

Magic is an art, a science, and a spiritual path that teaches you to create changes in consciousness with your will. By changing your consciousness your life will change; and that can give spectacular effects!

What if you would master the building blocks of Magic? Imagine how it would be to call up magical forces, to practice rituals and could make these shifts in consciousness? What would it mean in your life? What new horizons would open for you? What new possibilities would show themselves to you?

Experience how you can awaken the forces that lie dormant in you. Magic opens you for the beauty of the world around you and in you. Are you curious how it feels to work in a charged temple, to participate in the beautiful invocations and put your hearts wishes before the Gods and Angels?

Fundaments in Magic is a part of the series ‘First Steps in Magic’, and can be attended as a single one day workshop.
When you want to experience the magical world of ancient Egypt, the star magic of Babylon, the initiations of Eleusis: then don’t hesitate and enroll for this intensive one day workshop.

Date: July 16 2016
Time: Door open at 9.30, start at 10.00, end approx. 21.00
Address: Kleiweg 14-16, 3051 GR Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Price: € 75,00
Subscription: at the desk, via my Facebook-page @Ina Custers van Bergen or via the website.


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development

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