Moon Magic

bookcover_mysteryofthesea_425One of the books that instructed me the most about the Fine Art of Magic was (and still is) Dion Fortune’s Moon Magic. It has been over thirty years ago since I first read it. Every few years I reread it and always find something new in it.

Why is this book so special? I have read miles of books about the theory, the history and the philosophy of Magic. Moon Magic is special because it IS magic. You can feel the energy while reading it. The way it is written takes you right in…to the rituals instead of describing them. It takes you out of rational thinking into the magical mind in an unsurpassed way. It uses the form of a novel to explain the finesses of Magic. Rational books are excellent to sum up the theory, but you can’t use this form to transfer the real atmosphere, the real miracles, the real transformative power of Magic in action.

I practice and teach Magic for almost thirty years now and decided to follow Dion Fortune’s example to combine magical theory and magical practice and write about it in the form of a novel. I am really curious to learn from you how this novel feels for you. I decided to follow the example of the Master and wrote The Mystery of the Sea.

The story is written around a magical ritual that we use within the Temple of Starlight to charge, empower and consecrate a magical ring. The characters are all officers in that ritual. The stories of their life fade into the magical realities that they live on the Inner Planes.

For those who are curious, here is the link.


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development


Über Ina Custers

Ina Custers van Bergen helps professionals to connect to their spiritual resources, by means of meditation and spiritual exercises, so that their lives become magical! As the head of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight she developed the Solo Magical Training, a powerful spiritual system that helps professionals preventing the 'is-this-all-there-is-crisis' and realising their spiritual ambitions. Ina combines the "Art of Feeling Good" with coaching. On her website and on facebook you can read about the Solo Magical Training, the Inner Temple Training, the Magical Master Classes, the Magical Temple Retreats, coaching, lectures and other activities.
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