Masterclass – The Winding Waterway


I am so happy that I can share with you this news:
We have found a new temple location in Dordrecht!
Our address there is:

Spuiboulevard 100

It is on a 2 minutes walking distance from the Central Station, and you only need to cross one road to arrive in the old centre of Dordrecht.

This venue is only 15 minutes away from Rotterdam. Pictures and other news about this location follow shortly.


This semester we will work at the advanced levels of meditation techniques and ritual. These are the higher techniques for the Walker Between The Worlds. They will help you to raise your energy to the First Degree level and beyond. We will achieve this by using the principles of the Creation Myths. We will explore the Hermetic Theories, their applications and implications on an even deeper level. Thus everything you have learned so far, will open its secret wisdom to the next level.

Do you want to learn how to do that? Do you want to experience the richness of the Inner Planes? Do you want to feel how to work with high levels of energy, to heal, to send energy in such a way that the wanted results actually manifest in your life?

Through the Temple Training „Walking between the Worlds“ you will learn to experience the reality of the magical dimensions of consciousness and will you learn the skills to work with them in a balanced way.

What will you learn?

  • Advanced techniques of Mantra and Tattwa,
  • Working with the Temple of the Heart,
  • Advanced Godform techniques,
  • Advanced work with Thoughtforms,
  • Advanced energies in the Magical Circle,
  • and of course you will learn to apply all these techniques in your daily life.

Everything you will learn will be solidly grounded in the Hermetic Kabbala.

What level has this training?

These intensive Temple Training days are meant for people who participate in our training program for 5+ years and/or have completed the full cycle of the Hermetic Kabbala Training.



Price: € 375,00
Dates: September 9, October 7, November 11, December 9 2017 and January 13 2018, plus a personal coaching meeting through skype.
Time: Door open 9.00, start 9.30 a.m. to + 6.30 p.m.
Enrolling through email possible or read more here.


Ina Custers van Bergen
For Enchanting Self-development



Über Ina Custers

Ina Custers van Bergen helps professionals to connect to their spiritual resources, by means of meditation and spiritual exercises, so that their lives become magical! As the head of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight she developed the Solo Magical Training, a powerful spiritual system that helps professionals preventing the 'is-this-all-there-is-crisis' and realising their spiritual ambitions. Ina combines the "Art of Feeling Good" with coaching. On her website and on facebook you can read about the Solo Magical Training, the Inner Temple Training, the Magical Master Classes, the Magical Temple Retreats, coaching, lectures and other activities.
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